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Why CLIENTS are "The Most Important Thing" in Your Resort Real Estate Business
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Chris Kopf had over 30 Years of Sales and Marketing Experience – and then became a real estate agent. 

He is a Top Real Estate Agent, Speaker, Author & Coach, and lives and works in a RESORT market where his Real Estate clients are AFFLUENT SECOND-HOMEOWNERS and RETIREES

Chris went from zero to being in the Top 10 in his Resort Market in less than 3 years, and the #1 agent in his Resort Market in 4 years. Chris is among the top 2% of the 87,000 Coldwell Banker Agents worldwide. 
Chris Kopf’s Resort Real Estate System for Success Works!

Close More Real Estate Transactions and Have a Balance in Your Life

Win More High-end Listings by Attracting Sellers who will Call YOU

Become an Expert in Your Resort Real Estate Market

Attract Luxury Buyer Clients Who Want to Work with You

What makes Chris Kopf’s Resort Real Estate System for Success unique?

If you are a real estate agent, and you are living and working in a resort town, or you want to become a successful real estate agent in a resort real estate market, then this book and this system is for you. There are hundreds of tips, strategies and easy steps you can start using today!

I have taken the things that worked for me and created this simple step-by-step system to help you become a top real estate agent in your resort market.

I have been in your shoes. 

I went from zero to becoming a top real estate agent in my market in less than three years, and the #1 real estate agent in my resort market of Crested Butte Colorado in less than five years. I know what it is like to start from a standstill as a real estate agent in one of the worst economic climates and rise to the top. I started my real estate career in June of 2009, which, you may recall, was the bottom of the market. I was not daunted. Instead, I set high and lofty goals, and methodically put a plan in place to become the #1 agent in my market, and I began executing on that plan.

I am a husband, and a father of three daughters. I enjoy all that the mountain lifestyle has to offer, and I have a balanced life.

You and I have one simple goal – Attract buyers and sellers of real estate in our resort market and provide them with an exceptional experience. Period.

My story and my system for success are grounded in thirty years of successful sales, sales management, and marketing experience. I have had the great fortune to work for many impactful managers and companies. I have learned in the trenches through failure, hard work and not giving up. I have had the opportunity to learn from some great teachers, coaches, and mentors. I have duplicated others’ successes and avoided failing strategies, and I will share with you these secrets (and this book is just the tip of the iceberg).

I am a student of sales and marketing, and I have a technical background. I have been a top sales representative, sales manager and regional sales manager for Lanier, MapInfo and NetApp. I have had sales management responsibility for four offices and over $100 million dollars in sales quota for a $2 billion public company. I started a billboard and real estate company with a partner. We bought and built billboards, negotiated ground leases, easements, and rezoned land to gain entitlements – and did so in a highly competitive environment.

I have a relevant background, and I have specialized experience. I have been successful and I will show you how you can be a top real estate agent in your resort town. I created Chris Kopf’s Resort Real Estate System for Success for this purpose. It is my sincere hope that this platform and the resources available will help you to set your own high and lofty goals, and then implement the tools, techniques and systems  to achieve those goals.

My goal is to be the best resort real estate coach and trainer for you. I will help you break through and get to the top in your resort real estate market. The focus of my system is geared toward the agent in the resort market – just like me. There are unique differences that exist in our resort real estate world; you need to have a very focused approach to your business to become a top real estate agent in your resort real estate market.

I will share with you what I know, why it is important, what you need to do, and how to get it done!

What I Do Not Do, and Will Not Teach You

  • Cold Calls - I have made thousands of cold calls in my 30+ years in sales, and there are people who make lots of money as a result of “dialing for dollars,” but this is not part of my Resort Real Estate System for Success.
  • FSBOs (For Sale By Owner) Sellers – This is a small percentage of the sellers in Resort Real Estate Markets, and typically these clients are long-time locals who have a very low respect for real estate agents’ time and service. Let your competitors waste time with this demographic at discounted commission rates.
  • Expired Listings – If you want to troll for expired listings and piss off every other agent in your market and put yourself in the ethically uncomfortable position of answering why you are better than agent John Doe, go for it. I have not built my business with this short-term approach.
  • School District Geographic Farming – Resort markets cater to affluent second homeowners, and these folks care about geographic proximity to ski runs, rivers, beaches, and golf courses. Focus on the sizzle that sells the steak – the lifestyle and the dream – not the everyday concerns that second homeowners are trying to escape from.

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Lauret Jarvis - Editor-in-Chief & Creative Director,
 “Chris Kopf is a rising star within Coldwell Banker - among the top 2% of the 87,000 Coldwell Banker agents worldwide. If you are serious about taking your real estate business to the next level, and you want to become a top agent in your market I encourage you to take action and follow Chris' advice!"
Chris Mygatt, President

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